There is need for a smart solution to make fishers aware of relevant laws and requirements that apply to the areas they work.

Problem – Enforcement

Fisheries laws are based on time and location, i.e. areas that can and cannot be fished between particular calendar dates, from open ocean areas into inshore bays and estuaries. A smart solution is required to allow fishers to access the relevant regulatory requirements for fishing in a given area, presented in text and graphically, to inform their actions. The solution should be based on the vessel-specific location and operate from oceanic fisheries to inshore waters, providing all the relevant rules that apply to each area.


“Fish the Rule” is an application that geolocates the user in the land or the sea and gives the information related to the fishing regulations that could affect them depending on the type of ship, the ubication and the date.

Also, it has an Augmented Reality system to show the users the laws and rules through the camera of its phones.


Every day fishers around the world break maritime laws for many reasons, some for lack of knowledge of them. We want to make more accessible and simple to accomplish the maritime regulations (constantly changing) to all areas (European, national and regional).


We developed an Android application that connects with a backend server implemented with Atlas mongodb (a mongodb in the cloud) and express, which results in a REST API. The backend is hosted in the heroku cloud platform. Also augmented reality is used in the mobile application.

[Express] – Framework NodeJS as a REST backend.
[MongoDB] – Persistence of data.
[Android] – Native Android app.
[Open Street Maps] – Representation of map in the application.

Role in the project: Android and AR Developer.
Company: None.
Website: None.
Date: February 2018.
Project code: Github Repository.
Appears in: US Embassy Madrid – Twitter