Do you ask yourself anytime how could you send a location to your friend when you are inside a building?
Or maybe you are an employer and asked in your professional world, how can you know how much time spends a client in each section of your shop?

The idea is that having a router / access point you are able to know who is near you. Without any interaction with the clients, you will be able to track them. And maybe you want to share personalized adds to them.

In the “server” we have a MAC Address Sniffer module which allows to know who is there. This is done with Python and Scapy.
For the BackEnd and Data Analysis Rest API, a server with Flask + Python.
Also, we have a FrontEnd-dashboard with HTML5, jquery, javascript and leaflet.

Also for the Demo we developed an Android App (simulating an advert screen panel) with Kotlin.

Role in the project: Front-End Developer, Kotlin Developer.
Company: None.
Website: None.
Date: June 2017.
Project code: Github Repository.

Appears in:

Hackathon website: HackPrague Website.