“Visually impaired people or people with visual problems can not consult the package leaflet because the handwriting is too small. In addition, blind people can not consult this in any way, since the instructions The aim of this challenge is to design an APP that is capable of recognizing the drug in a simple way and reproducing all relevant information through voice instructions. ”

Medical leaflets are difficult to read for people with visual difficulties, mainly because their text size is very small.

The main function of the application is to show the user the package leaflet, either written or oral.

The user should only load one photo of the front of the medicine box in the application and the system will take care of everything else.

Role in the project: Android Developer.
Company: None.
Website: None.
Date: March 2017.
Project code: TellMedLeaflet – HackForGood2017.
Appears in:

Hackathon website: HackForGood Barcelona 2017.