Where I go will help you taking decisions about your next flight corresponding to your weather preferences. It is an Android application that uses the SkyScanner API, to get the available flights and combine this data with the OpenWeatherMap API to provide the weather information about your next destination.

The application was developed in a Hackathon, in less than 48h in a row. Hack UPC.

Technologies/Languages: Android (Java), SQLite, HTML, XML, Skyscanner API, WeatherForecast API, Google Maps API.

Role in the project: Android Developer.
Company: None.
Website: None.
Date: November 2016.
Project code: Where I Go? – Hack UPC Fall 2016.
Appears in: Winner Hack UPC Fall 2016 – Best usage of Skyscanner API: 2nd prize.

Hackathon website: HackUPC 2016 Fall.